Designed by interior decorator, Karen Hanlon, Tsukuro balances elegant and harmonious tradition with stimulating and modern sense. The inviting atmosphere beckons one to sit back and relax among the ocean breezes, or take comfort and immerse themselves in the warm inner glow.

Marrying the precision of Asian techniques and improvisation with unexpected dashes of local and global flavor, cosmopolitan foodies to sushi and street-food fans will savor and share an array of fares; gracious service and plates passed from one to another are as animated and comforting as a family meal at home.

A feast for the eyes, a stimulation of the senses, Tsukuro is a place to enjoy simple pleasures and good times; friends sharing a meal, business deals and entertainment, a thrilling romanctic interlude, drinks by moonlight. Everyday occasions are elevated through experiences, the changing seasons, mood & vibe.

Whether one takes respite on a plush banquette, immerses' themselves at the sushi bar, or settles amid flowing scene under the covered patio - it is hard not to relish in the sense of excitement; the rhythmic ebb and flow. And as day progresses to night there is a harmony that takes over, under the moon, across the room, and with one another.

Tsukuro takes guests on a spirited culinary journey, where the exotic dances with the familiar; to indulge, takes on new meaning - a sip of sake, an expertly hand-crafted cocktail, a savory cup of tea - they are more than just something to quench ones thirst, but a first stimulation of the senses to set stage or close the experience.